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Selfordering at Subway Germany

We've all experienced it at one time or another... When you're on the road, you're starving and decide to get something to eat quickly at a (fast food) restaurant. At the next restaurant, you walk in, where several self-service kiosks are waiting for you to take your order. You scroll through the menu, looking for your favourite sandwich, click on it and then easily pay for it at the pin machine on the kiosk. Your order is placed within a few taps on the screen, and the kitchen gets to work for you. Ordering food has never been so easy!

Self-order kiosks in restaurants are now a well-known phenomenon, and you come across them at more and more restaurants. The self-service kiosks are popular, and that's not surprising considering the many benefits they have for your restaurant. The kiosks generate more orders and a higher-order value per order, which ultimately results in higher sales. Also, at the recently renovated Subway restaurant in Troisdorf, Germany, they saw the benefits of self-order kiosks and decided to implement them in their restaurant. Pan Oston and Smoothr jointly developed the new kiosks for the Subway restaurants. Customers now enjoy using the self-service kiosks, but how does Subway experience using the kiosks themselves? Timo Eisenhardt is the franchiser of Subway Troisdorf & Aachen and talks about his experiences with the new self-order kiosks.

Why self-order kiosks?

The reasons for choosing self-order kiosks are different for each restaurant. At Subway Troisdorf & Aachen, they noticed that corona had a big impact on their customer flow. Timo Eisenhardt says: "Usually, at Subway, we have close contact with our customers because they order at the counter and choose their product on the spot. With keeping of 1.5 meters distance, we noticed that this slowed down the customer flow and our guests became a kind of bottleneck in the service and production process. Therefore, we had to find a way other than ordering at the counter." Eisenhardt got in touch with Smoothr, who, together with Pan Oston, developed a digital solution to this problem: a self-order kiosk for Subway restaurants.

Increased order value by 15-20%

So what have self-order kiosks yielded in concrete terms for Eisenhardt's Subway restaurants? Four months after the installation of the kiosks, the first figures have been extensively evaluated. "We would have thought that we would save personnel costs and that our profit per hour would increase because we could serve more customers," says Eisenhardt. "We have noticed that about 50% of our guests adopted the self-order kiosk and now buy their food at the kiosks. Those guests have a 15% to 20% higher order value compared to other guests. This is something you really notice in sales. For the future, we expect the kiosks to have a greater impact on our business, leading to increased profits and success."

A smooth system

What do guests think of the new self-order kiosks at Subway Troisdorf? Eisenhardt mentions that the Subway is still a test store. Therefore, they regularly ask guests for feedback so that small problems in, for example, the customer journey, can be solved quickly. Despite this, the entire system at Subway Troisdorf works very smoothly, and guests are satisfied with the new kiosks. Eisenhardt: "In general, our guests are pleased with the self-order kiosks. They don't have to stand in line. This frees up time to do other things while they wait for their food to be prepared. This works really well because we are in a gas station here in Troisdorf. You see guests making a phone call, paying for their gas or getting something else from the gas station store. Of course, we also have guests who need personal service and contact with our employees. We can help those too because you can still go to the counter and order there in the traditional way."

Self-service kiosks are the future.

Eisenhardt also offers some advice for restaurants looking to open a new store: "As a future store, I would add a pre-order or self-service kiosk right from the start. If you ask me, self-service is just as important as personal service. It just goes with the three modern service methods that allow customers to order: [1] through an app or the Internet, [2] ordering in person from an employee [3] ordering from a self-order kiosk. It just belongs to the mix. It should be something that every business should integrate in the future."

Would you also like to offer your guests the ability to order from a self-order kiosk in the future? Pan Oston's specialist team is here to advise you on the latest trends in self-service. View all kiosk options here, or contact our sales team to see what a self-service kiosk can do for your restaurant.

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