SLIM Access

The SLIM Access assists you in guaranteeing the maximum number of visitors in your building. The flexible design ensures the product can be deployed in stores, bars, sports canteens, libraries, toilet rooms or other public spaces. By means of this access system, you ensure that the covid-19 guidelines are enforced and that fines or forced closures are prevented.

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The surrounding society is changing tremendously with the introduction of various measures to ward off Corona and other future pandemics. From access to public space, transportation and businesses, many affected measures such as restricting a maximum number of people. It appears that these measures will remain in effect for longer, even after this pandemic. As a result, entrepreneurs are almost obliged to look at some form of visitor management. In most cases it is the entrepreneur that must enforce the regulation himself. This often does not seem that easy in practice, meaning you can risk getting fines as a business. So make sure you are on top of regulations by checking with your local government.

In Retail, many companies manage visitors by making shopping with shopping cart or basket mandatory. However, it is not possible in every situation, which in practice leads to additional personnel being deployed to act as a kind of inspector. This is costly and for many businesses such as bars, restaurants, museums or small businesses, which are already enormously limited in the number of visitors, not profitable or feasible. It is therefore time for a flexible and cost-efficient solution for now and the future.


The SLIM Access is a customer access control that works intuitively and can be expanded with various modules to suit the environment in which it is located. The digital customer counting system works autonomously and can be installed without complicated installation. Moreover, the compact solution is easy to move and available with an optional battery pack, so that it can be used flexibly in almost any situation, for example as a visitor counter at events.

The SLIM Access is designed to assist entrepreneurs in maintaining the maximum number of visitors in their premises. Your visitors are informed via LED and audio communication whether there is still enough space in the building. As part of the SLIM product family, Access will be expandable in the future with a screen for digital communication or health screening purposes.

Stop counting by hand and enjoy the benefits of the SLIM Access visitor counter:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast & Exact
  • LED & Sound interaction
  • Expandable
  • Cost & energy saving
  • GDPR compliant

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The SLIM Access comes configured ready for use. Adjustments can however be made on the spot by accessing the main controls at the back of the unit. Using the rotary dial employees can adjust the amount of visitors and reset the unit.


Connect it to any main power socket with the standard 220V 1.5m power cable. Or make the unit 100% flexible with the rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1 day.


Fast and accurate detection with Infrared diffuse reflective sensors results in no lag between visitor registration. No need to install reflectors. Making it possible to be a stand-alone unit.


High intensity LEDs combined with audio signal for clear communication. This is complemented with an explanatory sticker.


Sensors can be placed on the left, right or both sides of the unit. Making it possible to place the unit next to a doorway (max. 2.5m) or in the middle of a doorway (max 5m). After placement you can stabilize the visitor counter with the adjustable feet.


The SLIM Access is splash-resistant. But we however do not recommend to use it for not developed for permanent outdoor use.


Get the most out of your SLIM Access by adding one of the following options:

· disinfection dispenser,

· integration of a scanner,

· extra touch or info screen

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