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Since 1969 Pan Oston has been designing, manufacturing and installing checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions that fit seamlessly into the shop formula. Together with our clients, we are always looking for the most innovative, yet realistic solutions for your information, receiving, transaction and checkout process. See what we can do for you

Checkouts Self-scanning Kiosks Selfservice Tailor Made

Checkouts & Counters

Pan Oston has been creating checkout furniture for a variety of market segments: from small, local supermarkets to international chains. Our standard solutions offer numerous options and variations, developed according to the latest trends and innovations. We deliver checkout furniture that fits perfectly into your business!

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Self-scanning & Self-checkout

Self-scanning & Self-checkouts are an integral part of the modern Retail environment. As a specialist, we at Pan Oston have been developing, producing and installing self-service solutions for the retail sector for over 20 years. Check out what we can do for you.

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Kiosks & Terminals

Self-service kiosks & terminals improve the shopping experience, offer an extra service and increase the customer flow, without the use of additional staff. As a specialist with over 20 years of experience, our kiosks can be used in a wide range of industries. Discover what our solutions can do for you!

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Digitale Selfservice

With digital self-service solutions, your customers can perform actions independently, such as paying for products, looking up information and registering at a reception. Make sure you are ready for the customer of the future and see the advantages of digital self-service.

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Tailor Made

A standard solution is not always the best solution for your customer, shop or brand. At Pan Oston, we help you to stand out. We develop our customised solutions from A to Z, giving us, but also you, control over the final product in every step of the process.

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