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Self-scanning has become part and parcel of the modern retail environment. As specialists, we at Pan Oston have been developing, manufacturing and installing self-scan solutions (SAYS, mSAYS) for retail for over 20 years. So take a look now at what we can do for you.
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Self-checkouts (SCO) help customers scan and pay for their products/shopping themselves. SCO has significant advantages for you and your customers. You can deploy your employees with the maximum possible efficiency and achieve cost savings. While your customers can enjoy a great customer experience. The result? Increased sales and happy customers. Interested in self-checkout solutions?
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Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks & self-service machines improve your customers' shopping experience. By adopting kiosks, you can deliver improved customer service and increase customer throughput without additional employees. Many customers are self-reliant and demand a digital shopping experience in-store. Empower your customers to look up information, register a visit, place a pre-order and pay for a product all on a self-service kiosk. Our kiosks are used across multiple sectors for different applications. Find out how our solutions can help you deliver a seamless customer experience.
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Checkouts & counters

Pan Oston has been creating checkout furniture for various market segments since 1969: supplying small, local supermarkets to international chains. Our standard solutions that have been developed according to the latest trends and innovations offer countless options and variations. Making sure we deliver checkout furniture that fits perfectly into your business!
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AI vending

Display your refrigerated and theft-sensitive products in a secure manner without losing convenience with customers. By using (AI) vending, it is possible to offer almost any product in self-service format to your customers. Whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated products, with our SENSE vending line, your product offering is deployable 24/7.
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As a specialist in payment, transaction, information and reception, Pan Oston always strives to create the best checkout, self-service and kiosk solutions for its customers.
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PLUS stands for quality, which is why a customised concept for the supermarket chain has been developed together with Pan Oston


As a regular supplier, Pan Oston supplies the self-checkouts for the award-winning concept Tegut TEO


Føtex was looking for a way to implement self-checkouts in its shops without reducing the number of points of sale. Pan Oston offered a solution with the Merge, managing to increase the number of point-of-sales points while saving space.

Albert Heijn

Pan Oston has been a preferred supplier to the Ahold Group and Albert Heijn for over 20 years. Together, many new checkout zones have been developed and the introduction of self-checkouts has taken off as a well.


For Edeka, Pan Oston developed a customised product line that fully meets the needs of the premium supermarket chain.


As a department store, HEMA moves with the times, and together with Pan Oston, we looked at how the checkout area could be most optimally designed.


Together with software partner Walkouttechnologies, Pan Oston developed and implemented an award-winning AI payment kiosk at Backfactory.


Pan Oston has been Action's regular checkout supplier for over 20 years. Based on a Plug&Play principle, we know how to install a checkout zone in one day.
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