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Since 1969, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining checkouts, checkout counters, self-checkouts, self-scanning checkouts, touch screen kiosks and interactive kiosks that integrate seamlessly into your business. Discover our award-winning solutions and find out how they can help your business.

Checkouts Self-scanning Kiosks Selfservice Tailor Made

Checkouts & Counters

Pan Oston have been creating ergonomic in-store checkouts and checkout counters for a range of sectors from local convenience retailers to international supermarkets. Our standard checkout solutions offer a range of options and variations and have been developed with the latest trends and innovations in mind. We deliver supermarket checkouts, in-store checkouts and checkout counters to international brands including M&S. Discover our innovative checkout solutions.

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Self-scanning & Self-checkout

Self-scanning and self-checkouts are a key part of all modern checkout zones. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing self-checkout solutions for over 20 years. Our solutions empower customers to shop their own way and enjoy a fast and efficient checkout process. Retailers including SPAR and the Coop have benefited from our supermarket self-checkout solutions. Find out how we can transform your checkout zone with our self-scan checkouts. 

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Kiosks & Terminals

Touch screen kiosks and interactive kiosks improve your customer experience and empower independent customers to interact with your brand in their own way. Adopting self-service kiosks will help to enhance your customer service and increase customer flow without increasing employee costs. We bring over 20 years of kiosk experience into every project, so you can be assured that you will receive excellent digital kiosks. Our solutions are suited to a wide range of sectors including betting, food retail and non-food retail by brands such as Starbucks and Tipico. Discover how our digital kiosk solutions can help your business.

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Digitale Selfservice

Our self-service kiosks and self-service machines help your customers to interact with your business independently. Pre-ordering products, paying for products, researching information and registering at reception is a breeze with our award-winning self-service solutions. Be ready for the customer of today and tomorrow by adopting self-service kiosk technology. Find out how our self-service solutions can help your business to deploy their employees more efficiently, deliver great customer service and reduce unnecessary costs.

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Tailor Made

Sometimes a standard solution is either not able to deliver what you or looking for or it may not help your business stand out in its competitive market. Our tailor made kiosks and checkouts offer a completely bespoke solution for your customers which we will develop from beginning to end. We have years of experience that we draw on to support you from an early stage in the development process. Our in-house design, engineering, production and installation teams will work with you to develop the perfect solution. Discover if a tailor made solution would best suit your business.

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