Since 1969, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining checkouts, checkout counters, self-checkouts, self-scanning checkouts, touch screen kiosks and interactive kiosks that integrate seamlessly into your business. Discover our award-winning solutions and find out how they can help your business.
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Self-scanning has become an integral part of the modern retail environment. As specialists, we at Pan Oston have been developing, manufacturing and installing self-scanning solutions for retail for over 20 years. Whether for solutions with handheld scanners (SAYS) via Pan Oston SCOs or mobile scanning solutions (mSAYS), Pan Oston works with various partners to facilitate your requirements. So see now what we can do for you.
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Self-checkout (SCO) solutions help customers to scan and pay for their products/shopping themselves. SCO has significant advantages for you and your customers. You can deploy your employees with the maximum possible efficiency and achieve cost savings. While your customers can enjoy a great customer experience. The result? Increased sales and happy customers. Interested in self-checkout solutions?
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Self-service kiosks and terminals improve the shopping experience, offer extra service and increase customer flow without the need for extra staff. As specialists with over 20 years of experience, our kiosks are widely applicable in numerous sectors. Find out what our solutions mean for you!
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AI-enabled vending machines

Display your refrigerated and theft-sensitive products securely without losing convenience with customers. By using (AI) vending, it is possible to offer almost any product to your customers in a self-service format. Whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated products, with our SENSE vending line, your product offering is available 24/7.
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Checkouts & Counters

Pan Oston has been creating checkout furniture (checkouts) for a variety of market segments since 1969: from small, local supermarkets to international chains. Our standard solutions offer numerous options and variations, developed according to the very latest trends and innovations. We supply you with checkout furniture that fits perfectly into your business!
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