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The highly customisable ESSENCE is developed to experience the interactive customer process in the most intuitive way possible. With a modular & component-based design that can be tailored to align with your customer’s needs, the Essence fits into every store design. Making it the most flexible self-service solution on the market ready for checking out, self-order, registration and many more.


To create future-proof setups you often configure your hardware around your software requirements. And exactly that is how we have designed the ESSENCE. To make sure that it can keep up with the high demands for specific customer solutions, we have developed it to work with the common Retail grade hardware & software on the market. This makes this small all-in-one unit flexible in your choice of hardware & software. Giving you full control to configure a unique solution for you and your customer's needs.


The component-based design of the ESSENCE makes easy swapping of hardware simple and cost-efficient. Our ESSENCE is divided into several modules to be able to reach all the main components. The advantage of this is that you can repair or upgrade single components without the need to replace other hardware. Saving time, cost, and increasing your uptime.


Add support furniture to the ESSENCE and utilise its flexibility to the maximum. Besides our standard mounting on counters or walls, you can choose from our standard range of support furniture like a pedestal, side shelves or front shelve to customise the ESSENCE to fit your customer’s needs. Or work with our experienced team to create tailor-made support furniture that is unique to your store.

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Due to the increasing demand for brand experience by customers in a purchasing environment, your check-out zone deserves more attention than ever. That is why the Essence was designed to be fully customisable, which allows you to create a unique solution for your store and brand. Our own coating department can paint your solution in any imaginable colour. In addition, thanks to its modular parts, the ESSENCE is extremely suitable for applying sublimation or wrapping for a more personal and exclusive look.

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