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In 2019, Føtex came to Pan Oston with an interesting challenge. The Danish supermarket chain was looking to implement supermarket self-checkouts in its new shops/stores without reducing the total number of supermarket checkouts. Føtex were also looking to improve the customer flow in the checkout zone and enhance the checkout process. The supermarket checkout solution would need to overcome two challenges. Firstly, the limited space available in the checkout zone within each store and secondly, that the number of checkout operators needed to be minimised without reducing the quality of the customer service or the level of personal service that customers were accustomed to. Føtex is highly regarded as a full-service supermarket, and they wanted to continue providing a complete service to every customer.

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Pan Oston accepted the challenge to develop the supermarket checkout of the future. Our solution, The SLIM Merge, is an innovative checkout that combines a traditional supermarket checkout and a supermarket self-checkout in a single easy to use solution. Its intelligent design helps the checkout operator manage both checkouts without any issues. The SLIM Merge’s modern design ensures that the supermarket checkout is an attractive addition to the checkout zone and an efficient and space-saving solution. The design also successfully enhances the ergonomics for the checkout operator. A custom arrangement with a 3rd belt was invented to achieve this, which brings the products close to the supermarket till and the checkout operator. While designing the supermarket till, special consideration was given to creating an open layout and a large screen for the shop till counter. This helps the checkout operator to easily oversee all the checkouts from their seated or standing position.


The SLIM Merge supermarket checkout delivers an improved journey in Føtex supermarkets. Each customer can choose where to checkout based on their shopping trip and personal preference due to the SLIM Merge, at a self-checkout or at a traditional in-store checkout. If they choose the supermarket self-checkout, they can easily scan their shopping and pay for their shopping themselves. However, if they decide to use the traditional supermarket checkout, they simply place their items on the conveyor belt and wait while the checkout operator scans their shopping, delivers a friendly service, and guides them through the checkout process. Although customers who choose to use one of the self-checkouts may not have direct contact with a checkout operator, they remain conveniently nearby to provide any assistance they require. The SLIM Merge’s intelligent design helps the checkout operator to effectively manage multiple points of sale (PoS). While operating the traditional supermarket checkout, they are able to supervise and support customers that are using the supermarket self-checkouts. Significant checkout efficiency improvements can be made with one checkout operator/assistant managing four points of sale simultaneously with the SLIM Merge.


Føtex’s adoption of the SLIM Merge Checkout has been a great success. 60% of their customers are now using the supermarket self-checkout one month after its introduction. By working in partnership with Pan Oston, Føtex was able to introduce self-checkouts into the traditional checkout process in an innovative and efficient way. By adopting the SLIM Merge, the following benefits have been realised:

  • 20% increase in supermarket checkout points (50% traditional checkouts, 50% self-checkout & self-scanning);
  • Increased retail floor space in every supermarket which improves product placement and presentation;
  • Reduced queues and waiting times for customers;
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Increased employee efficiency.

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