The Element product family has accumulated quite a reputation and can no longer be ignored in the Retail environment. Thanks to the long-term development of this modular furniture, its many possible variations are suitable for almost every thinkable market segment. From belted check-out to service counter, the Element can be used in a local supermarket or at big Cash & Carry wholesalers, regardless of the floor space or the amount of products offered on checkout, the Element offers a solution for every type of formula.

Functional & Stylish

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Modulair design

With more than 10 years of development, the Element is still an up-to-date solution for all kinds of retail environments. The modular design makes the Element check-outs and counters very flexible, making the solutions suitable for practically every store type. Due to this, many different check-outs and counters from the Element Family can be found in supermarkets, non-food retailers, garden centres or DIY stores throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Individual branding

Due to the increasing demand for brand experience in the Retail environment, your check-out zone deserves more attention than ever. In addition to a good look and feel, furniture that fits perfectly in your store ensures a good shopping experience for your customers. That is precisely why all check-out and counters in the Element Family line can be fully adapted to your own branding. In our coating department, the furniture can be sprayed with any thinkable color. In addition, thanks to its modular parts, the Element is extremely suitable for applying sublimation, which gives your furniture an even more personal and exclusive look.

At home in all markets

The Element Family is at home in every Retail environment. Thanks to more than 10 years of development of the Element, there are now several standard options of adapted elements that have been specially designed for a specific market. Due to the modular build of the Element family, it is possible to use different versions in your store. This guarantees a uniform look and feel, while making optimum use of your store surface. Whether it is a supermarket, Cash & Carry, non-food or hardware store, the Element is often applicable in your store format due to its versatility and wide variation.

members of the family

Element NG

The Element NG has been developed according to European guidelines, including the AI-13 checkout workplaces and AI-8 sitting and standing work. Designed for Food Retail, the NG is a perfect piece of furniture for hypermarkets, supermarkets and in stores where a fast customer is required. The modular basis consists of three modules: the front, the rear and the (independent) hardware module that can also be used as a plug & play module. This makes countless variations of the Element NG possible.

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Element BS

The Element BS is developed for Retail companies / sectors that deal with large and heavy products. With a long supply and discharge belt, spacious workplace and good ergonomics, the Element BS is very suitable for home furnishings stores, wholesalers DIY stores and garden centers. The supply and discharge belts can easily process larger goods/products. Whilst the foldable platform between the supply and discharge belt ensures that the cashier can easily scan heavy products directly from the shopping cart. Precisely this combination ensures a fast flow for handling customers

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Element OS

The Element OS is developed for the non-food sector and is mainly used in home furnishings stores, wholesalers DIY stores and garden centers. Thanks to the open design, heavy products can remain on the cart, while the conveyor belt can easily handle small and medium-sized products on the cashier side. This results in an optimal customer flow during peak hours.

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Element express counter

The Element Express counter is developed to add an additional workplace in your store with same appearance as your checkouts. The module has the same functionality as the hardware part of an Element NG, but in a stand-alone version. By adding this solution you can create a valuable extra checkout option at key points in your store. In addition the Element Express Counter can be expanded with an impulse solution, basket and packaging platform.

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