One family

The ONE Family is a versatile checkout line, consisting of a Checkout, SCO and Cradle Wall, that is developed according to the latest trends. Due to the straight forward angular design and the use of trendy materials, the ONE's Retail solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the modern store formula.

Functional & Stylish

Refreshing and full of options

Ergonomic design

During the development of the ONE, all aspects of ergonomics have had a high priority. Years of experience in development, knowledge of technology and materials enable Pan Oston to perform ergonomic checks when we design and install hardware components according to local regulations. The ONE has been fully developed based on the most recent regulations for workspaces. Standing or sitting in an ergonomic way while working the cash register, the ONE can do it both due to the spacious design and the fact that hardware and software can be installed smart and modular.

Full of options

The ONE family has all the possibilities to create an entire check-out zone according to your needs. Ranging from checkout to a SCO solution, the many options provide a solution for every customer. In addition, the ONE can be fully adapted to your brand. Our professional sublimation and coating department gives us the flexibility to completely transform the ONE family into the look & feel of your Retail formula.

According to current trends

The ONE has been developed according to the latest trends and is a strong contender in every segment. With its straight lines and the use of natural materials such as steel and wood, the ONE has a modern industrial look & feel that is in line with current developments when it comes to store concepts.

members of the family

One Checkout

The ONE is a versatile checkout specially developed for the German market. This modern furniture was created by looking at trends and taking into account the German GS regulations. The long supply belt makes the furniture ideal for customers who fill up their carts with many products, while the belt at the back, that can be fitted with optional rollers, assists in creating a quick customer flow that results in a frictionless transaction to keep ques as short as possible. In addition, the ONE knows how to seamlessly integrate almost all hardware, making it a perfect fit for your store concept.

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Self-service is a growing way of checking out throughout Europe. The answer to this is the ONE SCO. Despite its small size, this modern furniture, that focuses on self-scanning, is flexible enough to integrate all possible hardware such as a touchscreen, printer, NFC, a pin terminal and even a cash management system.

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One Cradle wall

To make it possible for your customers to shop with a hand scanner, the ONE Cradle Wall completes the robust and modern ONE family. Customers can pick up or hand in a hand scanner at this cradle wall to scan their products while shopping, after which the ONE SCO can be used for a fast and easy transaction.

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