Times are changing... Modern customers expect to not only pay for their shopping at a supermarket checkout, but they also like to pay for their own shopping at a self-service checkout. Delivering self-service technology and responding to customer demands for self-service solutions in the checkout zone is essential for a retailer’s survival in the competitive supermarket sector.

Enhancing The Checkout Zone With Self-Checkouts 

Prior to 2020, the checkout zone in Boni Supermarkets was dominated by traditional in-store checkouts. Boni wanted to implement self-service checkouts throughout its supermarkets in addition to their traditional in-store checkouts. Boni’s search for a Dutch self-checkout manufacturer with extensive experience and a great reputation for delivering supermarket self-checkout solutions quickly concluded when they found Pan Oston.

Supermarket Self-Checkouts Offering Flexible Hardware Integration

Pan Oston advised Boni to implement SLIM Self Checkouts (SCO) in its stores. This self-checkout solution includes a modular design, which makes each self-checkout hardware and software independent. This helped Boni to continue working with its existing hardware and software suppliers while also benefiting from an attractive, high-quality self-scanning solution for its customers.

Enhanced Customer Journey With Self-Checkout Machines

Enhancing the customer journey was easily possible with innovative self-checkout machines. Boni Supermarket used hostesses to explain how the new supermarket self-checkouts worked to customers. This supported a smooth and seamless introduction of self-checkouts in the supermarket’s checkout zone. Customers that were unsure of the self-checkout terminals were able to ask questions or seek assistance from the dedicated hostesses. The supermarket customers were effectively guided through the change process, which has significantly improved the customer journey.

40% Customer Self-Checkout Adoption Within A Few Weeks 

As Boni typically serves customers of an older demographic, you would logically expect the self-checkouts (SCOs) to be less popular with their customer base. Surprisingly, this could not be less true. Boni Supermarket’s customers actively embraced the new Pan Oston self-checkouts, and within a few weeks, 40% of their customers were paying for their food shopping at a self-checkout (SCO).
The supermarket self-checkouts also helped Boni Supermarkets deliver:
  • Faster throughput and shorter queues in the checkout zone;
  • An enhanced customer journey;
  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency;
  • An improved level of customer service.

About Boni

Supermarket chain Boni was founded in 1972 by Mr Klaassen and has grown into a chain with 44 stores. Meanwhile, the chain operates from a large distribution center and service office in Nijkerk. Boni tries to offer its products for the lowest price with good quality. The service to customers also plays an important role in this, and the SCO, of course, fits well with that!

More about the SLIM Self-checkout
Pan Oston has over 20 years of experience with self-checkout solutions. That's why they were the right party to solve Boni's problem. In this case, you saw Pan Oston recommend the SLIM self-checkout to Boni. This comes from the SLIM family, which is a modular checkout line. By choosing the right furniture mix, it is possible to meet the needs of any store concept. This makes the SLIM family suitable for supermarkets and other market segments in the retail industry. Want to know more about self-checkouts or the SLIM family?

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Zelfscannen bij Boni Zelfscannen met de nieuwe SLIM SCO bij Boni Zelfscannen met de nieuwe SLIM SCO bij Boni
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