For the renovation of its petrol station at Twekkelerweg in Enschede, AVIA Weghorst was looking for a modern self-service kiosk. The chosen food ordering kiosk would have a prominent placement in their food retail concept, Hush. We collaborated with payment supplier Eijsink to deliver an innovative high-quality solution that met their requirements.

Innovative Self-Service Kiosk

AVIA Weghorst has developed a new concept that wants to give more meaning to moments on the road: Hush. In this food retail concept, which is located within AVIA petrol stations, people can pick up or eat fresh sandwiches made from high quality and healthy ingredients. Hush is helping motorists choose healthy food on the go instead of the unhealthy snacks that are common choices at food outlets in petrol stations. So far, four petrol station shops have opened where customers can enjoy delicious healthy sandwiches in Hengelo, Deurningen, Enter and Enschede. The existing kiosk at Hush was not setup as a self-service kiosk for food ordering and a self-service checkout. Eijsink asked if Pan Oston could develop a modern food ordering kiosk that acts as an order point for the food and sandwich department.

Food ordering in a few "clicks"

Pan Oston worked together with Eijsink, recommending the ESSENCE self-service kiosks to AVIA Weghorst. The food ordering and self-service kiosks provide a complete self-service solution which allows all customers including those who are just paying for fuel to be served quickly. The two ESSENCE self-service kiosks were mounted onto a pole in the restaurant area. Due to the food ordering kiosks prominent placement in each outlet, they are immediately visible and accessible to customers when they arrive. The food kiosks are mounted back-to-back and invite customers to order their food and make a payment within a few easy clicks. The two self-service checkout kiosks have created a clear touch point during the customer journey. Each kiosks integrates seamlessly with Eiksink’s Booq software which provides a link to the kitchen so the chefs can start preparing the food as soon as an order is made.

Good cooperation
Software supplier Eijsink and Pan Oston have been working together for a number of years, with a good relationship being formed from working on a variety of projects. Quality and reliability are central to this relationship. Eijsink provided valuable advice about the hardware for the new food ordering kiosks. AVIA Weghorst was incredibly impressed by the modern appearance and design of the ESSENCE kiosk and found that it integrated perfectly into their Hush restaurant concept. For AVIA Weghorst, it was an easy choice to work with Eijsink and Pan Oston.

The Optimal Customer Journey with Self-Service Food Kiosks 

Pan Oston's ESSENCE food ordering kiosks help AVIA Weghorst improve their customer journey. When a customer enters the food outlet in the petrol station, they can immediately place their order and in a few clicks they can easily pay for their order at the built-in chip and pin device. Customers can easily enjoy a freshly prepared sandwich or tasty meal within minutes. The optimisation of the customer journey and ease at which they can complete the payment process are central to the appeal of the intuitive ESSENCE kiosks. Through these self-service kiosks pre-ordering, up-selling and cross-selling are seamlessly integrated in one single place within the restaurant. It is easily possible to combine multiple software and hardware components into the solution to allow the kiosk to seamlessly connect to the systems within the retail environment where it is located. Ready to find out more about our self-service food kiosks? Discover our ESSENCE kiosks.

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