In many supermarkets, most customers expect to be able to scan and pay for their shopping at a self-checkout. However, despite this some supermarkets prefer to retain a checkout zone with traditional in-store checkouts. Hoogvliet was one of these supermarkets. Until recently, most Hoogvliet supermarkets only had traditional supermarket checkouts with tills to make payments at.

This is all set to change with Hoogvliet embracing self-checkouts. Hoogvliet customers can now choose to scan their own shopping at supermarket self-checkout or pay at a traditional in-store supermarket checkout. To adopt self-checkouts, Hoogvliet worked with the team of checkout specialists at Pan Oston.


Only ten years ago, supermarket self-checkouts and self-scan checkouts were new technology. Supermarket customers had to get used to the idea that they could scan their own shopping rather than using an in-store checkout. In the last ten years, self-checkouts have become an inevitable and integral feature in modern supermarkets.

Hoogvliet decided to implement supermarket self-checkouts across their shops/stores and selected Pan Oston to guide them every step of the way. Together, they have developed a customised supermarket self-checkout using our SLIM self-checkout family. The checkouts perfectly fit Hoogvliet’s corporate identity. This compact self-checkout effortlessly integrates the very same hardware that is used in the larger and traditional supermarket checkout.

Self-checkouts branded for Hoogvliet

When customers enter the checkout zone at a Hoogvliet shop/store, they can count on self-checkouts that integrate perfectly into every shop. The recognisable blue that is associated with the supermarket brand features prominently in the design of each self-checkout. Hoogvliet's corporate identity is also featured in the software of the checkouts. The touchscreen welcomes each customer with a start screen in the Hoogvliet colours and then guides them intuitively through every step of the self-checkout process. The checkout zone is intelligently unified with signs and slogans on surrounding walls in the appropriate brand colours. This helps Hoogvliet to deliver a new and enjoyable experience in their refreshed checkout zone.


Pan Oston has delivered and installed over 250 supermarket self-checkouts at the Hoogvliet shops within six months. The new self- checkouts have already resulted in many satisfied customers. They are happy with addition to Hoogvliet shops and the convenience that they bring. The supermarket store managers are also very satisfied with the new supermarket self-checkouts and the checkout process that it creates for their customers. The self-checkouts are already a very popular way of paying for food shopping. At Hoogvliet in Leiden, for example, there are 17 self-checkouts, all operating at full speed.

About Hoogvliet

Hoogvliet is a Dutch supermarket chain with 71 shops in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. From the distribution centre in Bleiswijk, the supermarkets of Hoogvliet are supplied with fresh bread and meat. In the coming period, Hoogvliet wants to equip all its shops with self-service checkouts and has chosen Pan Oston as its partner to realise this. The self-checkouts are suitable for scan & go shopping, but also for shopping with a hand scanner. So in the future, customers will be able to shop quickly and efficiently at Hoogvliet.

The SLIM self-checkout

The SLIM self-checkout is part of the SLIM checkout family. This is our most complete product line for setting up a checkout zone for a wide range of retailers. The modular design of the SLIM checkouts is based on the years of experience held by Pan Oston's specialists. The SLIM self-checkout, among others, perfectly matches the needs of every retailer. Whether you are looking for traditional in-store checkouts or self-checkouts, the SLIM checkout family has a great solution for you.

As self-checkout systems in supermarkets become widespread, when will you look to adopt self-checkout and start to take advantage of the many benefits that they bring? Do you think that a checkout from our SLIM family will suit your retail space? Our team of checkout specialists are ready to help you find the perfect solution for your checkout zone. Contact our specialists today to arrange a free consultation.

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