Collecting your tablets and medicine at BENU pharmacies is even easier with the interactive health kiosk solution developed by Pan Oston and Summit DIS. Our kiosk has been deployed in over 170 pharmacies, and patients can easily collect their prescriptions using the innovative queue application developed by Summit DIS. This application runs seamlessly on our BLUE FIRE Compact kiosk, which is part of our award-winning BLUE FIRE family.

Easy Prescription Collection With Our Self-Service Health Kiosk

For many patients, collecting a prescription involves long queues and waiting times. Fortunately, this is now a problem of the past at BENU Pharmacies. Prescription retrieval with our self-service health kiosk is quick and hassle-free, which delivers a great experience for every patient.

The interactive health kiosk and innovative application make the entire process a piece of cake from start to finish. Each patient receives a unique QR code via email whenever they have a prescription that they need to collect. When the patient visits the pharmacy, they can enter their unique code into the health kiosk using the interface or simply scan the QR code.

The unique code is then checked in BENU Pharmacies’ information system. After the system has matched the code to the correct customer, the system checks what prescription and medicines are reserved for the customer. Every step of the process is completed in a GDPR-compliant way, which takes care of the pharmacy’s compliance obligations. While the patient is waiting, an employee will prepare the corresponding prescription. As soon as the patient is called, the relevant employee immediately knows who they are and can greet them personally. This leads to improved patient experience where the employee can give the patient their prescription and medication immediately.

Real-Time Management Software Delivers Improved Pharmacy Throughput 

The extensive real-time management information module is able to improve the throughput in the pharmacy as it is integrated into the dashboard or the queuing application. BENU Pharmacies analyse this data to develop a clearer picture of how and when patients use their pharmacies. These invaluable insights empower BENU to further optimise their staffing and operational processes to enhance the patient experience. BENU employees are kept informed of every new prescription request as the data is relayed from the interactive health kiosk to a number of digital signage screens while linked to their information system.

The Interactive Health Kiosk That Is Accessible To All 

Delivering a great experience for every patient has been a priority in the design of the interactive health kiosk and application. Patients can choose from seven languages that are commonly spoke in the Netherlands. In addition to this, the entire user interface can be ‘lowered’ with the push of a button which makes it accessible to disabled people.

Ready To Transform Your Pharmacy?

Transforming your pharmacy and the patient experience is easy with a self-service health kiosk. As one of the most innovative healthcare kiosk manufacturers, we can provide a self-service solution that will delight your patients and increase your operational efficiency. Discover our range of award-winning self-service kiosks today.

About Summit DIS

Summit DIS is a software integrator and partner of Pan Oston, which offers total solutions for digital communication and self-service terminals. Using the latest technologies, the company provides not only standard solutions, but also customer-specific projects.
BENU selfservice kiosk at Pharmacy BENU selfservice kiosk at a pharmacy
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