PLUS 2.0 Briljant for PLUS Severijn

Just around the corner from Pan Oston is PLUS Severijn, the most beautiful, and incidentally the only, supermarket in Heeten. After a thorough renovation, Severijn switched to the PLUS Brilliant 2.0 formula with Pan Oston's latest SLIM Checkouts and self-scanning checkouts.

PLUS Severijn has a larger catchment area than just Heeten.The entire region benefits from the innovations in the shop. For example, the shop space has been enlarged, providing more room for fresh produce and shopping experience.
In the revamped Briljant 2.0 formula, the vegetable department can be found right after the entrance. On the other hand, the bread department is located at the back of the shop.With this new layout, PLUS Retail does not stick to a layout according to eating times during the day, as in Brilliant 1.0. There, the shop was arranged according to the concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Furthermore, there is more space for fresh and sustainable offers such as local products or fresh sushi and pizza.

The checkout area has also been completely revamped. It now includes two SLIM Checkouts and several self-scanning checkouts, so customers in Heeten now also have the option of self-checkout. The Checkouts are tailor-made for the PLUS 2.0 Brilliant formula, while our latest SLIM Checkout has been adapted to the look and feel PLUS wants to convey with its latest concept.
PLUS Severijn SLIM Checkouts at PLUS Supermarket Checkout at PLUS Severijn
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