Quick self-ordering and payment at Asiagourmet

Pan Oston's self-ordering and payment kiosks can also be found at Düsseldorf International Airport. In cooperation with our partner Smoothr, an ESSENCE Kiosk has been installed at Asiagourmet's branch in the arrival terminal of Düsseldorf Airport. Travellers can place orders and pay directly at the kiosk. This ensures convenience and an optimal customer experience without having to wait. The order goes directly from the order kiosk to the back-end in the kitchen. This allows staff to focus on Asiagourmet's core business of making delicious Asian meals. As soon as all the ordered dishes are ready, the order is checked for completeness and a notification appears on the pick-up screen. This way, customers are instantly informed that they can collect their order so they can enjoy a delicious Asian meal without any loss of time.

Culinary delights
At Asiagourmet, you will enjoy culinary delights from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan in a modern and pleasant atmosphere. Whether it be standard Asian dishes like fried noodles, crispy chicken, dishes with duck, or specialities like chicken curry-udon noodle soup - there is something for everyone. All dishes are freshly prepared and served promptly. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat and Asiagourmet will take care of the rest.

Modern and customer-friendly self-service solution
Asiagourmet is a chain of Asian quick-service restaurants currently operating more than 20 branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The focal point of the restaurants is typically a large counter with an open kitchen. The interior is minimalist and high-quality, mixed with wood and light colour accents, creating a metropolitan feel with slight Asian influences. Pan Oston's ESSENCE Kiosk is a perfect fit for Asiangourmet's concept, offering a modern and customer-friendly self-service solution, integrating pre-order, up- & cross-selling and payment options.
Self-order Kiosk at Asiagourmet Düsseldorf Airport
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