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Pan Oston designs, manufactures, installs and maintains innovative self-checkout, checkout counters and interactive kiosks for the European market. As a specialist in self-checkout and self-service solutions, we deliver award winning solutions for payment, transaction, information and reception processes. Our team of over 170 specialists are ready to help you make the most of technology and serve the next generation of customers.

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We are constantly seeking the best possible design and engineering solutions for all our products. Pan Oston bring over 50 years’ experience in delivering in-store checkouts, self-service checkouts and interactive kiosks. Our solutions set and closely follow market trends to enhance your payment, transaction, information and reception processes.

Our motivated in-house team works closely with each customer to make every project successful. The teams at Pan Oston manage every stage of a project from the design to final installation. We pride ourselves on efficient communication, clear language, innovative design, great engineering and optimal project management.

The core ambition at Pan Oston is to provide the best possible service and create innovative products. Having more than 50 years experience of in developing retail concepts is invaluable and primes us to solve customers’ challenges. We are the ideal partner when it comes to delivering innovative and challenging projects.

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Bringing sustainable and innovative solutions to life requires great design. Our award-winning designers are experts at creating concepts that match the individual style of each customer. The in-house design team works seamlessly with our project management department to work through all your wishes and requirements and refine them into a robust plan. We are experienced at creating solutions for various sectors from food retail and convenience retail to gaming & betting and hospitality.

Our custom-made checkout and kiosk designs prioritise ergonomics & functionality to create practical solutions that your customers can use every day. Our award-winning design team, which won the prestigious Red Dot Design award in 2018, ensures that the practicality of each solution is matched with a modern appearance that fits into your business. The efficient communication processes within Pan Oston ensure that your requirements can be easily applied during the manufacturing and installation processes. The design process results in modern kiosk designs and modern checkout designs.


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Our production team takes care of every stage of the manufacturing process from initial production to assembly. The passionate team creates different types of self-checkouts, checkout counters, self-service kiosks and information kiosks everyday. We work with various press brakes, laser cutters and welding robots in our modern manufacturing facilities that specialise in sheet metal work. We are one of the leading digital kiosk manufacturers and the team strive to maintain this status.

Pan Oston’s in-house manufacturing/production facility in Raalte is complimented by the production capabilities of our carefully selected partner companies in Eastern Europe. We use knowledge transfer process to maintain and enhance the quality levels offered by the partner companies.

Quality control and reliability are central to our process and thanks to the digital link with our engineering department, quality and lead times are continuously monitored and guaranteed. Our quality excellence has been recognised with the independent award of the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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A malfunction or issue with your self-checkout, checkout counter or self-service kiosk always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time and can cause significant disruption to your business. Professional and proactive maintenance of your checkout and self-service solutions will ensure that your business minimises disruption and remains fully operational. To guarantee that your in-store checkouts, self-service machines and Touch Screen Kiosks are maintained and kept in top condition, our service department offers UK-wide coverage. We are ready to complete repairs and regular maintenance for you.

Service Contracts
Our professional servicing team at Pan Oston offer tailor-made service contracts for the complete maintenance and/or repair of your checkouts and kiosks. Our professionals not only service new in-store checkouts, self-service checkouts and digital kiosks, we are also able to take care of pre-installed solutions with our custom service contracts.

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