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16 aug 2023

On 23 August, Salland's biggest summer festival will kick off: Stöppelhaene 2023. And as the slogan suggests: Don't miss it! Pan Oston has taken that statement to heart for years and, as a loyal sponsor, also supports this summer festival in the bustling center of Raalte in 2023.

On Wednesday, 23 August, the official starting signal will be given for Stöppelhaene 2023 with the Stöppel run, where Pan Oston will be at the start line with no fewer than three teams in the company taking part in the run.

The Salland Harvest Festival Stöppelhaene is an important event on the summer calendar for Pan Oston.As a regional employer, we feel closely connected to the community in Raalte, and many of our employees wholeheartedly participate in the many exciting activities throughout the event.

Pan Oston is a growing international company and is always looking for talented people with the hands-on mentality that characterizes Salland and who aspire to start a challenging job in engineering. This is why a campaign is running during Stöppelhaene to get visitors to the event excited about working in engineering: 'Krie'j döst van techniek?'

The campaign is running on the big screens at Main Stage, and on the special website https://panoston.nl/wulle-weh . Why not find out more about  Pan Oston and discover our current job vacancies.

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