Retail Outlook faced a significant challenge during its 2020 Retail Outlook event – how to run their event while fully complying with government guidelines. Due to Coronavirus, the government introduced additional regulations and guidelines that Retail Outlook were required to comply with for their event to go ahead.

The organisation was required to perform a Coronavirus check on location while also retaining an accurate record of who was at the event at all times. By doing so, Retail Outlook would be able to easily inform all the visitors in the event of a Coronavirus case. As a forward-thinking and digital-driven organisation, Retail Outlook did not consider a paper solution. Finding an innovative digital solution was a priority. Pan Oston were ready to help and advised that Retail Outlook adopt visitor registration kiosks, which together with the accompanying online portal and apps form the perfect integrated visitor management system. We were able to help Retail Outlook focus on what they do best, organising and running an inspiring event for the retail sector while we took care of their visitor management requirements with our kiosks.

Fast & simple visitor check-in with kiosks
Two BLUE FIRE Compact kiosks Two of our award-winning BLUE FIRE check in kiosks were deployed at the entrance to the Retail Outlook event to create a single point of registration for all visitors and delegates. By using the visitor registration kiosks, visitors were able to quickly sign in and out of the event at the innovative self-service reception. Compliance with Coronavirus guidelines was maintained as visitors were able to quickly access the event through the entrance without mixing with more people than was necessary. Delivering a completely COVID secure check in for the event was possible with our flexible solution. So how does it work? Prior to the event, all visitors received a digital invitation with information about Retail Outlook. Event visitors used this digital invitation to check in at the visitor registration kiosks and check out when they were ready to leave the event. The process was quick, easy, hassle-free, and most importantly COVID secure.

Self-service digital reception solution 
Our self-service reception kiosks delivered a complete digital reception solution for Retail Outlook. The organisers were able to innovatively track everyone that has visited Retail Outlook. Visitor details were securely stored in a GDPR compliant way and remained up to date. This saved the team a significant amount of paperwork and employee time, which improved efficiency and reduced the administrative burden. This self-service driven visitor registration and management system transformed the visitor check in process and ensured that the organisers were free to focus on their event. Imagine how a self-service digital reception solution could help your organisation. It could eliminate the need for unnecessary paperwork, improve the efficiency of your event and make delivering a COVID secure visitor check in and management system a breeze.

Eliminating manual visitor counting with our visitor management system  
Manual visitor counting is a time and resource intensive task that Retail Outlook required a solution for. Our visitor management system for access control and monitoring called SLIM Access was primed for the task. One of our SLIM Access kiosks was used alongside the two BLUE FIRE kiosks as the digital customer counting system for Retail Outlook. The SLIM ACCESS made visitor management easy, smart, and intuitive by keeping track of how many visitors arrived and left the event. Retail Outlook could monitor and check exactly how many people were at their event at any given time. The digital solution did not create any additional hassle for the organisers as its plug & play functionality ensures that it can start counting immediately while also providing clear communication to event visitors.

Why Pan Oston?
Retail Outlook wanted an innovative and forward-thinking company to provide a seamless visitor registration kiosk and visitor management solution. At Pan Oston, we were able to deliver a solution that provides both. Our BLUE FIRE Compact kiosk, which is part of our popular and award-winning BLUE FIRE kiosk family is a simple, yet fully functional kiosk that has all the features required in a great visitor registration system while maintaining a small footprint. For organisations like Retail Outlook that want to host events during the Coronavirus pandemic, our self-service reception solution can take away some of the hassle of complying with COVID-19 regulations by delivering a time-saving and visitor friendly solution.

The smart software that operates the visitor registration kiosk, all the event logistics involved with inviting and managing visitors is easily and efficiently taken care of. Retail Outlook were able to send out invitations to all their event visitors, which they could then use to quickly check in and check out of the event. Completing the coronavirus check was also seamlessly integrated into the process.

Retail Outlook were very satisfied with the entire process of working with Pan Oston, from the request to the after-sales service. Gerwin Souman, the project manager for the Retail Outlook event says: “Thanks to digital reception, our visitors were able to check in quickly and securely for the event and it was easy to keep track of who had visited us”.

Find out more about our Visitor Registration Kiosks & Check-in Kiosks 
Our innovative visitor registration kiosks and check in kiosks could be the perfect digital reception solution for your event or shop/store. The BLUE FIRE kiosk family offers a range of kiosks to suit almost every application and space. Whether you need a compact kiosk like the BLUE FIRE Compact featured in this case study, its larger brother the BLUE FIRE Prime - which is a Red Dot Design award winner - or our tabletop kiosk, the BLUE FIRE Micro. All our digital reception kiosks will help your business to reduce paperwork, gain efficiency, comply with the GDPR and access a single overview of all your visitors. Why not contact our team of over 165 specialists to find out how we can help

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