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Like many other event organisers, Retail Outlook faced a challenge during the 2020 Retail Outlook Event. Due to corona, the organisation had received additional guidelines from the government, which it had to comply with in order to host the event. For instance, Retail Outlook had to conduct a corona check on location and know who was in the building at all times. This way, the organisation could quickly notify visitors if there did happen to be a corona contamination and meet the legal obligation. Retail Outlook did not want to deal with lists on paper, but instead sought an innovative and digital solution to this challenge. Pan Oston advised the organisation to opt for a smart visitor management system to organise an inspiring event that complied with all corona measures without any administrative hassle.


There were two BLUE FIRE Compact kiosks at the entrance to the Retail Outlook Event, where visitors could sign in and out with digital reception. Visitors could thus move quickly through the entrance without coming into contact with many people. Entirely coronaproof check-in, in other words. So how exactly did that work? Prior to the event, visitors had received all the information about the Retail Outlook Event digitally, allowing them to check in and out at the BLUE FIRE Compact kiosks easily, quickly and coronaproof.


The digital reception system allowed Retail Outlook to digitally track who had attended the Retail Outlook Event in an innovative way. All the necessary details of each visitor were precisely tracked in this way, which saved a lot of paperwork for the organisation. This way of working allowed the event organisers to focus on things other than these extra-legal guidelines.


In addition to the two BLUE FIREs, one SLIM Access column was also at the entrance of the Retail Outlook Event to count visitors to the premises. These smart kiosks kept track of how many visitors were walking in and out of the premises, allowing them to show exactly how many people were in the event building at any time.

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Why did Retail Outlook choose to partner with Pan Oston on this innovative solution? The BLUE FIRE Compact is a simple but fully functioning solution for organisations that want to organise an event despite corona measures. Thanks to the smart software of the digital receptions, the logistics part before and during the event was easily and efficiently taken care of. This allowed the organisation to send out invitations, after which every visitor could easily check in and out and do a corona check. In addition, Retail Outlook was very satisfied with the entire process, from the request to the service afterwards. Gerwin Souman, project manager of the Retail Outlook Event says: "Thanks to digital reception, our visitors were able to quickly and securely check in for the event and it was easy to keep track of who had visited us."


Is a digital reception like the BLUE FIRE or a visitor management system like SLIM Access also something for your event or shop. These innovative solutions save a lot of paperwork and allow you to see at a glance who your visitors are.

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