/ Do not forget fathers day on sunday!

Do not forget fathers day on sunday!

You would almost forget, but next Sunday it's Father's Day again! And that is the opportunity to put your father in the spotlight. Father, you know that man who cuts the meat on Sundays? We also have many of those at Pan Oston because, as a company with a family character, family is important to us. There is the family day, but we don't forget the holidays either.


In addition to the focus on family, we are also proud that we have several generations working within the company. It therefore regularly happens that daughter or son follow in the 'footsteps' of fathers, including Pan Oston. Everyone can imagine that this can also cause challenges. Because what is it like to work for the same company with your father? Do you take your work home with you? Or is that a taboo at the kitchen table? We asked a number of experts.


Heico Booijink has been working for Pan Oston for years as COO. His son Rico is doing a master's degree in Strategic Management at Tilburg University and started at a young age to work some hours after school at Pan Oston and also during the holidays. Over the years he has worked in various departments, including Service, Finance and Logistics. This way you learn a lot and gain broad experience in the company. René Noordman is production manager at Pan Oston and has recently gained a colleague in the person of his daughter Romy, who recently started as a commercial project coordinator at the project team Netherlands. The service department at Pan Oston is led by Gert van den Heuvel, his daughter Madelin works as an administrative assistant.

Heico and son Rico proudly pose in the showroom of Pan Oston

The first day took some adjusting

According to Heico, it is good that he and Rico do not work directly together in a hierarchical relationship: 'that would not work well, we would not be able to run a company together as father and son, as you sometimes hear'. For Romy it feels very natural to work for the same company as her father René. They are not directly interacting directly in terms of work content, they actually only meet each other in the canteen and occasionally in the corridors. Madelin and Gert have more overlap, Madelin also does a lot of work for the service department. 'The first day in particular took some adjusting, especially what to call him. At home it's Dad, of course, but you don't do that here, and I'm not going to call him by his first name either, I'm not used to that. But we have now found our way into it.


Work is regularly discussed at home, says Madelin: 'during the day you don't talk to each other that much, and then you soon talk about it at home, but we try not to do it too much'. Gert: 'Otherwise we will be corrected by my wife, who then says boys, not now!'. Rico thinks it's useful to have those short lines at home; 'this way you can quickly ask or find out something and discuss something in the evening or at the weekend'.

As Manager of the Service department, Gert and his daughter Madelin sometimes work together when it comes to administrative matters


In general, Pan Oston starts early in the morning, but nobody really suffers from a morning mood: 'that's more on the mother's side' jokes Heico. René: 'I would rather start at six than at seven'. This is not an issue for Gert and Madelin either.


The fathers are unanimously identified as the hardest workers. Heico regularly goes on in the evenings, or works on weekends if necessary. Gert also makes long days, Madelin: 'he is a bit of a workaholic, no 9-to-5 mentality, in that respect I have good genes'. René also has trouble sitting still: 'If I'm not working for work, it's at home, or for others, for Romy or for one of my other children'.


Asked which of the two would reach millionaire status first, Heico says: 'if we were to start at the same time, Rico has the best papers for that, but now I hope it's me!' Gert shrugs his shoulders: 'I have no need for that'. Madelin: 'Haha, then it's me... won't be for a while though, first win the lottery!' René jokes "it's already me!" but gives Romy the best chance, after all, she still has a whole future ahead of her.


The fathers pull the longest straw when it comes to dexterity. Madelin to Gert: 'well, you can do everything, in terms of chores I often shout: hey dad? Gert wants to tackle everything, 'everything can be learned'. René also comes out as the most handy, but also says that Romy is really handy and manages to do lots of things: 'She's in a carnival association so if she has to weld she welds, and if she has to paint she paints, and if she has to drive a big tractor away she does that too'. Romy: Well, I just like trying out all kinds of things, I'm not easily scared'. With Heico and Rico it remains a bit in the middle, when it comes to chores and working with the hands, Heico is the most handy, Rico in turn is more at home using the smartphone, laptop and software. Heico: 'I think that's also a bit of a generational thingy'.


The older guard is generally the best against losing, only with Heico and Rico it is the other way around. 'I don't think it matters much to you,' says Madelin about Gert, who agrees that he is too sober for that. But if Madelin lost, the Monopoly board didn't fly across the room before: 'No, that's not in us'. Romy has no problem losing, but just wants to win. René lets it go a bit easier, but 'it depends on the subject of course…'.

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