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Improve business efficiency with self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are used in more and more sectors to enable customers to checkout products independently, place orders, look up information or sign in. Customers do not have to queue and are self-reliant in the most critical operations of a business. From information provision to meal ordering and checkout, kiosks and information kiosks are versatile and flexible. As such, they offer companies almost unlimited opportunities to digitize business processes and make them more efficient.

In a time of high inflation, rising costs and staff shortages, making efficiency gains is a must. This not only helps improve business results but also ensures continuity in your business. Many business processes can be transformed by introducingdigital kiosks , such as information, sales and customer service. Many progressive companies have already introduced interactive kiosks and benefit from efficiency improvements. This is precisely why now is the time to introduce kiosks into your business operations.


Self-service kiosks are devices that help users perform everyday tasks quickly, efficiently and interactively. They consist of physical hardware such as a touchscreen, stand/casing and various input/output devices, including card readers, barcode scanners, printers and PIN devices. The hardware of a self-service kiosk is supported by software, which controls the kiosk and enables it to communicate with other systems. Good self-service kiosks have a combination of premium hardware and reliable software to serve their users effectively.

Interactive kiosks are successfully used in many industries for a wide range of applications, from providing information and registering visitors to placing orders and facilitating self-service when shopping. Although a significant proportion of kiosks are used in retail, they can also add considerable value in many other sectors, such as hospitality, manufacturing and leisure.


Improving business efficiency is an important goal for companies of all sizes, regardless of which sector they operate in. Efficiency improvements can be achieved by making organizational or administrative changes, but the use of modern technology also offers many starting points. Implementing new technology to replace or complement a manual process has a major impact on efficiency.

Self-service kiosks are excellent technological solutions that can improve efficiency in almost any business environment. They can automate manual processes, complete tasks faster than people and reduce costly errors. Customer flow and customer satisfaction are improved, employees are freed up for core tasks, there are opportunities for revenue enhancement through cross- and upselling, and customer service can be improved. In short, the possibilities of interactive kiosks are almost endless, with an extensive range of hardware and software options to choose from. Discover the key ways in which using kiosks can help your business improve efficiency.

Digitize manual processes

It is surprising how many manual processes still exist in a typical company. Whether manually checking in visitors and guests at reception or conducting an exit survey among customers, these tasks cost your employees time, even though they are relatively simple and easy to digitalise. A self-service kiosk can easily and efficiently help your company's customers and visitors complete various manual processes, often in less time and with less inconvenience for everyone involved. Discover the power of a kiosk in your business and digitize the manual processes in your company. Although using a self-service kiosk involves an initial investment, it can reduce many other costs, resulting in overall savings for your business.

If you want to digitize all your manual processes, you can take a phased approach. Introduce a self-service kiosk in one part of your business and measure its efficiency savings before moving on to the next. At Pan Oston, we have helped many customers successfully introduce self-service kiosks in business areas such as reception, restaurants and showrooms. In all cases, deploying a kiosk can realize the efficiencies and cost savings that businesses seek. Contact us to learn how kiosks can help your business digitize manual processes.

Reduce queues and improve customer flow

At a time when delivering a good customer experience is all-important, queues are a source of customer frustration and can lead to low customer satisfaction. Customers have high expectations, and the challenge is to meet them consistently, whether they expect to checkout without queuing or get quick help if they have questions. For retailers, delivering a good customer experience is a significant challenge. Reducing customer waiting times often increases sales volume, improves customer satisfaction and builds long-term loyalty.

Deploying innovative interactive kiosks can transform the customer experience and ensure good customer flow in a shop. Retailers using traditional checkouts are limited in the number of transactions they can process. But retailers using self-service have far fewer limitations and can quickly process many transactions. This ensures a smooth flow of customers even during peak hours. This prevents customers from abandoning their shopping due to long waiting times and thus reduces the risk of customer churn.

Help employees focus on core tasks

Employees have many tasks to perform as part of their daily work. Whether they are receptionists in a busy office or service staff at a national retailer, each role has various responsibilities. When the workload is high, it is challenging to balance these responsibilities. Self-service kiosks can play an important part in supporting employees by taking over some of their less complex tasks. In the case of a receptionist, a kiosk can help visitors/guests check in digitally, allowing the receptionist to concentrate on answering incoming phone calls, for example. Or they help a service employee by taking orders, allowing the employee to focus on answering urgent customer queries. In both cases, the kiosk takes a simple task off employees' hands that would distract their attention from the essential tasks they need to focus on.

Self-service kiosks can complement, rather than replace, your company's valued employees. Many tasks are better performed by a person. However, a significant number of tasks can be performed by an innovative interactive kiosk. By harnessing the capabilities of kiosks, your company can reduce some of its fixed costs and free up valuable budget that can be spent on parts of the business that generate more added value.

At Pan Oston, we love helping companies who want to focus on their core business by creating innovative kiosk solutions that can help make employees more efficient. Whether you need a standard self-service kiosk or a fully customised solution, our specialists are ready to help your business successfully implement self-service.

Increase your revenue and average order value

Increasing sales and average order value is a great way to drive the growth of your business. Self-service kiosks are particularly effective at improving customer order and payment processing and provide valuable cross-selling and up-selling opportunities that increase average order value. The latest generation of self-service kiosks even incorporates smart artificial intelligence (AI) technology to personalize each customer's shopping experience. Using customer data, recommendations for cross-selling and up-selling are based on previous purchases, with a high probability of success. The potential for revenue growth must therefore be considered.

Our self-service specialists have all the expertise and experience needed to increase the efficiency of your business. We have helped a wide variety of retailers generate more sales from their existing customers with innovative self-service solutions built with high-quality modular components that offer companies true hardware and software independence. Update your front end and benefit from increased efficiency and increased sales.

Provide efficient customer service easily

Customer service is an ongoing challenge for businesses across all industries.While complex customer service tasks are often best handled by experienced professionals, simple service tasks can often be automated and handled by an easy-to-use interactive kiosk. Interactive kiosks are excellent at handling simple and repetitive tasks crucial to customer service. Be it answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), managing a check-in, registering a complaint or directing customers to the correct location on a map. A kiosk can perform all these and many more tasks, often faster and at a lower cost than an employee.

Find out how a self-service kiosk can efficiently handle simple customer service tasks so your employees don't have to. Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect solution from one of our self-service kiosk families. Quality is at the heart of everything we do; our award-winning kiosks prove that.


Our self-service specialists will be happy to help you improve the efficiency of your business with the successful implementation of self-service kiosks. Whether you are looking for a standard kiosk based on our existing product lines or a fully customized solution, we have a complete range of self-service solutions for your business to choose from. Our range includes the popular BLUE FIRE, ESSENCE, AND SLIM families. Many of our solutions have won awards, including our BLUE FIRE PRIME Kiosk and the new SLIM Balance, which is particularly suitable for retailers looking to use self-scanning.

If your business has specific requirements, our design, manufacturing and project management teams can tailor a self-service kiosk solution to your exact specifications. Experience the power of Pan Oston and the expertise of our multi-award-winning design team that has been creating exceptional solutions for retailers and businesses since 1968.

How can we help you increase efficiency in your business with self-service kiosk solutions? Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists. We are ready to help your business find the perfect interactive kiosks.

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