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Is your store ready for a new generation of customers?

Self-service has been a part of the modern Retail world for quite a while now. Most of us now use self-service solutions including self-service kiosks daily. Just consider something trivial such as an ATM, a payment terminal at a petrol station or ticketing machine at a car park. Other well-known applications that have become popular are self-scanning solutions, self-service checkouts in supermarkets, information and kiosk payment terminals and self-ordering kiosks in restaurants.

This shows us, that even if we do not realize it that our society has adapted to servicing ourselves rather well with more than 70% of all customers now expecting companies to offer self-service as part of their customer flow. Is your company already using self-service solutions? Discover 5 reasons why you should be using self-service solutions.


In our fast-paced world customers are becoming accustomed to on-demand service. Just think about something like Netflix, it has become easy to binge-watch series with just one push of a button. As consumers are getting more and more impatient companies that embrace this on-demand self-service concept have flourished. We live in an age that gives us instant access to information through our smartphones and other interactive touchpoints. Due to this, 75% of consumers view instant service as the most important attribute of customer satisfaction. This means that we have to deliver fast and high-quality service to align with our customers' needs, otherwise they will turn to our competitors.

Smart, easy and quick service is what consumers expect. Something trivial like waiting in a queue is the exact opposite of this. It would not surprise you that 86% of customers will try to avoid a store if they perceive the queue to be too long. This is likely to be the main reason for self-service solutions being so popular in grocery stores were waiting in queues has always been a part of the deal. Available self-scanning solutions have resulted in shorter queues, less waiting and a significantly more satisfied customer.


One big misconception about self-service machines is thinking that allowing customers to do things themselves decreases the level of customer service offered to them. It is quite the opposite. Empowering customers to engage on their own terms adds value for them. They become an active part of the self-service checkout process, rather than a bystander.

Customers can be emotionally tied to their purchase. Empowering them to take control of the service they receive helps them to take decisions that will increase the perceived quality and enjoyment of the shopping experience. This is seen in supermarkets with “fresh-nut-bars” that allows customers to scoop and create their bag of mixed nuts. This adds a personalized experience to the buying process while giving them the power to personally select their favorite nuts. Resulting in more satisfied customers that will return to your store to make further purchases.

Self-service also does this. It empowers customers to engage with the checkout at their own pace for their own products, making their own decisions without relying on a checkout assistant.


As mentioned earlier: customers in 2021 are incredibly experienced and confident self-service users. The latest generations including Generation Z were born directly into the digital age and are adept at navigating self-service solutions.

Self-service technology is fast becoming the new standard, customers are expecting it in supermarkets and retail environments. Most consumers prefer multiple contact points, and an innovative self-service checkout kiosk is key to delivering a good shopping experience.

73% of customers expect some form of self-service technology when shopping. And 40% of consumers prefer self-service to human contact. People that want to make a quick purchase with an express self-service solution and get on with their day are commonplace.


Empower your self-service solution by integrating it with an omnichannel solution. A likely customer journey in 2021 is that I am looking for a great recipe for dinner and find one in my favorite supermarket's smartphone app. I add it to my shopping list and get to the store to quickly and easily buy my shopping. In the store, I can request some information about different products at one of the information kiosks, the app or by asking an employee. I proceed to the self-service checkout and scan my items. Just before I reach the payment stage, I get a suggestion for an item that is needed to prepare my dinner. Seems I forgot to include it in my basket. However, thanks to the cross-reference between my loyalty app and scanned items, I didn't!

This positive omnichannel experience will help your customer remember the supermarket where they had such a positive shopping experience and return in the future when they need more shopping. It is a great way to retain customers and build long-term brand loyalty.


Implementing self-service applications in your business will help you to not only increase the level of customer service provided, it will also enhance your customer experience. There are also internal benefits from adopting self-service solutions. As customers become more self-reliant by using self-service, your employees' time will be freed to deal with other matters like restocking, keeping the store tidy and providing better customer service. This will result in increased productivity and can improve your service offering further, helping your business to stand out from its competitors.


Our team of dedicated self-service specialists are ready to help your business make the most of self-service technology. Whether you require self-service checkouts or self-service kiosks, we can help. Pan Oston have delivered solutions for well-known brands including M&S, Albert-Heijn, Penny, Action, HEMA and SPAR. Contact our UK sales team today to discuss your self-service requirements with one of our specialists.

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