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Catering company Albron were looking to introduce a modern way of ordering food into one of their newest concept food outlets called Frites Affairs. Fortunately, they could call upon the extensive range of kiosks offered by Pan Oston. Food ordering kiosks have been installed in several Frites Affairs restaurants. One of the restaurants where you can find one of our kiosks is at Center Parcs de Vossemeren in Belgium. Center Parc guests can enjoy a refreshing swim in the tropical swimming pool followed by some fabulous fries which can be quickly and easily ordered at one of the Frites Affairs food ordering kiosks.


The tropical swimming pool and the accompanying restaurants and food outlets at Center Parcs de Vossemeren was recently completely modernised to suit the modern customer. Frites Affairs was given a prime location in this new area and an attractive and modern self-service restaurant was established. The customer journey of Frites Affairs was also carefully considered to ensure that customers would be able to enjoy a seamless food ordering experience. As part of this, customers of this new restaurant needed to be able to order and pay for their food in a modern and fuss-free way. To deliver a complete self-service restaurant experience for Frites Affairs customers, our BLUE FIRE Micro fast food self-service kiosk has been deployed. Customers are now able to easily order their fries without any fuss or unnecessary queuing.

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The BLUE FIRE Micro is a food ordering kiosk with a small footprint and is a proud member of the Red Dot Design award-winning BLUE FIRE kiosk family. The food kiosk has been designed as a tabletop unit that fits onto almost every existing counter. It is an excellent choice as a food ordering kiosk or self-service fast food kiosk and it also has many other applications for non-food retailers. In this case, the small footprint of the BLUE FIRE Micro was a valuable feature that integrated seamlessly with Frites Affairs’ small retail counters. The food ordering kiosks are strategically positioned on a retail counter, where up to three customers at any one time can order and pay for their food side by side.

By adopting multiple food ordering kiosks, Frites Affairs ensures that a smooth customer flow with the shortest possible queues are maintained, even during peak times. The group of BLUE FIRE Micro food kiosks allows multiple customers to place their food orders at the same time, which significantly reduces and often eliminates long queues. Shorter queues result in satisfied customers that are more likely to place a larger order at the kiosk.


Using multiple self-service food kiosks is not the only way that an efficient and fast self-service food ordering experience is delivered. Each kiosk is powered by Eijsink’s smart and intuitive software which provides a fast and hassle-free food ordering experience for every customer. Customers can easily select food items from the interactive menu and place their order in just a few clicks on the premium touchscreen. As soon as a food order is placed, the smart link within the software relays the order to the kitchen team so they can start preparing the order. In the kitchen, each customer order appears on a central screen almost immediately after an order has been placed. The BLUE FIRE Micro self-service food kiosk is key to the efficient and fast processing of food orders.


Our food ordering kiosks play a key role in enhancing the customer flow and delivering an optimised customer journey at Frites Affairs. While the food kiosks offer multiple benefits to customers, the benefits do not end there they also help employees too. So, what do the employees of Frites Affairs think of the food kiosks and the new way of ordering? An employee explains: "in the beginning, we did not know what to expect, but now that we have it, we are very happy with it. Customers like it too and are already fully accustomed to ordering with self-service. It just fits really well into the new concept of Frites Affairs."

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