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Hoogvliet innovates with self-checkouts and hybrid service counters

Over the past few years, Hoogvliet supermarkets has already adapted many of its stores in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland to implement a new shop concept, which includes a lot of room for self-service and self-checkouts. In cooperation with Hoogvliet, Pan Oston is developing an optimal mix of checkout options for each location. Spacious self-scanning areas will be equipped with SLIM SCO self-checkouts where customers can quickly and easily check out independently. However, more traditional-minded customers and customers with full shopping trolleys are not forgotten. In addition to the self-checkout, there is the option to check out at one of the belted checkouts.


To accommodate the service counter function, Hoogvliet wanted to create more integration between the checkout area and the service counter. Pan Oston worked with Hoogvliet to develop a hybrid service counter that meets the legal requirements for tobacco sales and anticipates the introduction of the Dutch ban on tobacco sales, which takes effect on 1 July 2024.

In the new modular service counter design, a belted checkout is integrated into a service counter arrangement and complemented by one or more compact counter terminals. Depending on the shop layout, this can be realised in a variety of configurations, such as in a U-shape or in a longitudinal arrangement with an additional corner module. In all cases, the belted checkout forms an integral part of both the checkout area and the service counter, where newspapers, gaming and betting services and flowers can be purchased.


The new set-up offers customers maximum freedom of choice to decide whether they want to scan and check out their groceries at the self-checkout, use the Scan-As-You-Shop (SAYS) functionality with a handheld scanner for larger quantities of groceries, or check out their purchases traditionally at one of the belted checkouts.


The compact layout of the front end and hybrid service counter with additional checkout points allows Hoogvliet to take full advantage of the available shop floor space. The service counter's hybrid character also enables efficient staff deployment, as checkout tasks can easily be combined with customer service tasks.


Hoogvliet is a supermarket chain with 75 shops in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, and Gelderland. It aims to ensure that your family eats healthy, varied, and, above all, tasty food every day, for the lowest price. The distribution and service centre and the central butchery are located in Bleiswijk. Hoogvliet's bakery in Bleiswijk bakes fresh, artisanal bread several times a day for all branches. The organisation has more than 6,500 employees.


Pan Oston's checkout solutions are suitable for many different retail concepts thanks to their modular and flexible design. Are you curious about what they can do for your shop? Our specialists are ready to help you find the best checkout solutions for your shop.

About Hoogvliet
0 Stores Hoogvliet has 75 supermarkets in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland.
0 SCO's When implementing Self-checkout, Hoogvliet chose to get it right with a large rollout of more than 500 self-checkouts.
0 Employees The organisation has over 6,500 employees.
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