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Praxis lets DIYers self-scan

For the new Praxis Mega Store in Maastricht the Netherlands, the traditional front-end (checkout zone) had to be ‘turned upside down’ completely, so to speak. Adapted to the modern DIY - consumer. Different ideas and possibilities were discussed and advised via design sketches. Pan Oston went to work in close consultation with Praxis and designed a special modular checkout line for Praxis.

Type of DIY customers

Based upon internal figures insight was gained into the type of customers and their behaviour (customer journey). It turned out, among other things, that smaller purchases and fewer cash payments were made more and more often. Pan Oston therefore advised checkouts with a smaller conveyor belt in the front and no conveyor belt in the back. This in combination with Self Checkouts (SCO, card only), counters and customer guidance. The mix of checkout furniture in the cash desk gives the consumer the freedom of choice in the way of payment and promotes customer flow.

Flexible cash register zone, tailored to the size of the store and customer flow

The checkout line is modular and can be configured according to the different Praxis concepts. Whether it is a very large Praxis (Mega store) or a City store (Praxis om-de-hoek), the furniture can always be configured to the size of the store and customer flow. All this according to the new look and feel of the store formula. A different entrance has been created for the professionals. For this part, Pan Oston has designed a service-enhancing Express Counter designed specifically for customers who buy large and / or heavy materials.

Praxis Mega Store, Belvédère Maastricht (NL)

On the Belvédère site in Maastricht (NL), the new Praxis Mega store arose in recent months. With over 11,000 m2 this is the largest Praxis DIY market in the South of the Netherlands. This Praxis is special because many new assortments have been added. The store even has a special entrance where customers who buy a lot of large and heavy materials can easily load their items. The new Praxis building market offers a lot of attention for services. Think of a sawmill for 'transport-ready' saws. And of course the DIY workshops where experienced Praxis employees share their knowledge with interested customers: tile, electricity, painting etc

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