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If you have ordered food at a train station during rush hour, you will be familiar with the issues that most passengers encounter. Is it not one of the most stressful situations that you can face while travelling on the train? For many passengers, ordering food at a station is a stressful task. Almost all passengers and commuters will be eager to catch the next available train, but they may also be hungry and looking for a nice snack or meal. At Julia’s restaurant in Rotterdam Central Station, it often gets particularly busy during rush hour which can affect the customer experience. Julia’s wanted to provide an easy way for customers to quickly order food during peak times. We helped Julia’s restaurant chain modernise their food ordering process with our self-ordering kiosk solution. The innovative food ordering kiosk was installed during the renovation of Julia’s Rotterdam Central Station outlet.


Julia’s opted to install one of our award-winning kiosks, the BLUE FIRE Fast Order at their Rotterdam Central Station restaurant. The Fast Order is an innovative food ordering kiosk that has been specifically designed to transform restaurants and fast food outlets into self-service restaurants. Julia’s customers can use either side of the self-ordering kiosk to browse the menu and place their food order in a few easy clicks on the large premium touchscreen. Once customers have browsed the interactive food menu, they can complete the checkout process by making a payment for their food at the same food kiosk with the integrated chip and pin card machine using their debit or credit card.

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Following the deployment of the self-ordering kiosk at Julia’s, two customers can browse the food menu and place their food order simultaneously. As a result of this, the flow of customers through the restaurant has increased which has enhanced the overall customer experience. Julia’s customers can now enjoy shorter queues and waiting times, this has contributed to increased customer satisfaction. Adopting a food ordering kiosk has also introduced the following benefits: improved customer service, tailored personalization during the ordering process and increased food sales.


Julia's chose to work with Pan Oston based on their previous experience and because of our existing partner relationship with their software supplier, Centric. Centric has worked with Pan Oston on other projects in the past and supplies the Retail Software Solution for Julia's restaurants. Centric's software is intuitive and fits perfectly with Julia's corporate identity. When a customer uses the self-ordering kiosk, they simply click on the green “Order Here” button which takes them to the interactive menu where they can browse and select their food items. The self-service food kiosk displays the menu items with high quality photos and a text description, it also shows further nutritional information for each food items. Centric’s smart software provides a direct link to the kitchen, with each food order being sent to the kitchen as soon as it is placed. This helps Julia’s chefs to prepare customer orders sooner which further reduces waiting time for customers. The software not only offers advanced functionality, it is also a key driver of restaurant efficiency improvements.


Julia's restaurants are a well-known feature at many train stations and transport hubs across the Netherlands. Customers can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner there, or they can enjoy a great cup of coffee on the go. Julia’s restaurants are a popular choice for a tasty Italian bite with pizza, penne pasta and focaccia all featuring on their delicious menu. The chain has recently been busy renovating their existing restaurants with the Rotterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Amstel Station outlets both undergoing a complete renovation.


Before Julia's chose to work with Pan Oston, some of the Julia’s restaurants team visited the showroom at our HQ in Raalte where they were able to view our range of self-ordering kiosks. Julia’s were able to test and try out our high quality food ordering kiosks for themselves. After careful consideration and guidance, Julia’s chose to adopt the BLUE FIRE Fast Order kiosk which a double sided screen at their restaurants in Rotterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Amstel Station. If you would like to find out more about our self-ordering kiosks or speak to our dedicated UK sales team, please contact us.

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