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Self-checkout for SPAR City Store

The SPAR City store in Enschede were looking to upgrade their checkout zone as part of a new shop-in-shop concept that they have developed. This particular SPAR store combines the well-known SPAR supermarket with a convenience food offering. In Enschede SPAR have partnered with The Tosti Club to create an innovative new concept. The new concept delivers an excellent supermarket experience alongside a unique hospitability style offering for customers. Customers that visit a SPAR city store can combine a top-up shop or a shopping trip for everyday essentials with grabbing a fresh sandwich, salad or smoothie from The Tosti Club. It is a great way to complete your shopping while also enjoying a delicious and healthy snack.

As this new style of a SPAR city store incorporates The Tosti Club, they required a new solution for their checkout zone which incorporates self-service checkouts. It was essential that the checkouts had a small footprint due to limited available floor space in the store. As a trusted supplier of SPAR, we were given the challenge of creating an innovative checkout solution.

About SPAR
0 Countries SPAR one of the largest food retailers in the world with a presence in 48 countries.
0+ Years Adriaan van Well, an innovative Dutch wholesaler with a clear vision opened the first SPAR in 1932
0+ Lambrechts Group A franchisee of SPAR, the Lambrechts Group has been a retailer since 1921 and has more than 300 locations
0+ Shops SPAR has 13,900 shops worldwide
/ What did SPAR need?

Custom Checkouts and Self-Service Checkouts

SPAR knew that they could count on Pan Oston to deliver the perfect custom checkouts and self-service checkouts for their newest SPAR city store format. As trusted long-standing suppliers to SPAR, our reputation for delivering quality solutions alongside professional service is well established and our ways of working fit seamlessly with their vision. We work collaboratively with SPAR from the start of the process which involves design and development through to the end where the installation and maintenance are taken care of.

Every checkout and self-service checkout delivered to SPAR by Pan Oston is a completely bespoke solution that blends seamlessly into the checkout zone within their supermarket store.

Delivering The Optimal Self-Service Checkout Design

At Pan Oston we are incredibly passionate about delivering the optimal self-service checkout design for every customer. We want our self-service checkouts to perform perfectly for our clients and all their customers. For this SPAR City store concept we advised that the SLIM Express self-checkout would be the best self-service checkout for the application. SPAR has already deployed the SLIM Express SCO at their other supermarket stores so it would be a familiar choice for many of their employees.

The key benefit of the SLIM Express is its small footprint and compact design which perfectly matches the small retail space that is available in their checkout zone. This meant that the SPAR city store could accommodate four self-service checkouts, which would help customers to quickly complete the checkout process without having to endure any lengthy queues. Its small retail footprint ensures that the checkout zone has an optimal layout which supports the fast movement of customers through the checkout area. The SLIM Express SCO transformed SPAR’s customer journey and ensures that every customer can complete the checkout process in a hassle-free way.

Serving Students With Innovative Self-Service Checkouts

Enschede is a popular student city and SPAR needed to appeal directly to the student market with their convenience style supermarket offering. Most students complete multiple shopping trips in a given week and love the grab & go principle. For many the weekly shop is not something that they will do, instead they opt to regularly visit the SPAR city store for products throughout the day and week. Whether that is a convenient breakfast in the morning, a quick sandwich for lunch or a delicious ready-made meal for their dinner.

Self-service checkouts are the perfect way to serve students that are predominantly from the millennial and generation z groups. For them self-service is not an optional feature in their chosen supermarket; it is a must-have that they expect to see everywhere. They are tech-savvy consumers that are very comfortable with the latest technology but hate having to queue. Our SLIM self-service checkouts are the perfect partner for SPAR city stores and their student customer base. They are able to do smaller shopping trips where they buy fewer items and complete the checkout process themselves.

The SPAR city store concept is completely in line with the requirements of a busy city customers such as students who love making quick purchases at self-checkouts. SPAR are able to delight their customers with a fast, smooth and intuitive checkout experience which is powered by the popular SLIM Express SCO. The SLIM Express fits perfectly in the SPAR city store concept and matches the overall character of the store.

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