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Retailer Xenos is interested in researching whether the retail development of self-scanning suits its stores and has therefore opened two test stores: in Leidschendam, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands and Breda. To make the research and the test stores a success, Xenos was looking for a partner who was able to help it with the development of self-scanning checkouts. Together with Cowhills, Pan Oston worked on a self checkout that would fit Xenos' store concept.


In the test store and also flagship store in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, there are three self checkouts that seamlessly match the shopping experience and customer journey of Xenos. The yellow, characteristic Xenos color is featured in the design and the interface also has the familiar Xenos style. Customers of Xenos in Leidschendam will not easily miss the self checkouts. The checkout area is marked by a large arrow with the text: 'Xenos self checkout, simple and fast'. The self-service checkouts blend in well with the overall design of the flagship store and match the shopping experience of Xenos. If customers do not wish to use the self-scanning checkout, they can still pay for their items in the traditional way by contacting the cashier at the counter.

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Xenos has chosen to implement Pan Oston's SLIM self checkouts in both test stores. As the name suggests, this self checkout is a member of the SLIM family. The various pieces of furniture from this family line can be endlessly combined with each other and therefore meet the needs of any store concept. The SLIM self checkouts can also be fully customized to the style of each store, so that the style of the checkout area blends seamlessly with the rest of the store. This is also well reflected in Xenos' test stores, where the style of the self-scanning checkouts fits perfectly into the overall picture and contributes to an enhanced shopping experience.


By combining Pan Oston hardware with software from software developer Cowhills, Xenos now has self-scanning tills that not only perfectly match the style of the store, but are also very easy to operate. The software system allows customers to scan and checkout their items in a simple and intuitive way. Customers arrive at the self-scanning checkout, place their basket on the tray and press start. They then scan all the items with the hand scanner and when they are done, they can pay with the push of a button. If customers experience problems, they request assistance from a Xenos employee via the self-scanning checkout software.


Xenos is a Dutch retailer that started selling spices from China and India in 1973. Over the years, Xenos has grown into a retail organization with 150 brick-and-mortar stores and an online shop. Here, customers can buy or order all kinds of different food and non-food products. From the distribution center in Waalwijk, the Xenos stores are supplied daily with the retailer's latest products.

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