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01 mrt 2022

We are happy to announce that we can call ourselves a RETA Top Supplier 2022. As part of the award-winning team, together with BackFactory GmbH and Walkout Technologies, our AI-powered-kiosk won the Best Customer Experience.

Retail is changing rapidly, and with these changes, new solutions are needed to give customers the experience they want, need and expect. One of these unique and modern experiences is the story of our AI Kiosk at BackFactory in Germany. The ambitious startup Walkout Technologies GmbH came to Pan Oston to help create a revolutionary new self-service solution for food-retail by empowering machine learning.

“At BackFactory we are always looking for new ways to improve our customer experience. Together with Pan Oston and Walkout Technology, we were able to do this. Winning the award for Best Customer Experience just shows us that we are doing it right.” says Irina Kuznecov, Sales Manager at BackFactory

AI Kiosk at BackFactory wins a RETA Award

Using a kiosk with the right hard- and software combination led to a fantastic concept for food self-service. It is a brand-new experience for customers looking for a convenient and fast way to grab their breakfast or lunch. Customers can now avoid queues and do not need to scan products either. It really is grab-go; the only thing they still need to do is pay at the pin & chip terminal.

CEO of Walkouttechnology GmbH Sead Berisha, the software supplier and “brain” behind the AI kiosk, explains that the computer vision-powered self-service kiosk can recognise up to 10 products in under a second. In the process, it can keep apart all the products the BackFactory has in store, ranging from a pretzel to different sizes of coffee.

CEO of Walkout Technologies, Sead Berisha, with the Top Supplier 2022 Award

“As Pan Oston, we are proud to be part of this innovative concept,”, says Hans Harald Pesch, Business Developer for the German market. “I think that this AI-powered kiosk will change the way we look and use self-service; it is all very exciting!”

By being part of this award-winning solution for BackFactory, we can call ourselves Top Supplier Retail for 2022, too, recognising all the effort our design and development team has put into new Retail developments over the past few years.

Hans Harald Pesch with the Top Supplier 2022 award for Pan Oston

About the RETA Award

The RETA awards are organised by the German retail institute EHI and recognise outstanding technology solutions in retail. The 2022 edition is the 15th time the award winners' outstanding services have been honoured. Three equal-ranking winners are awarded in each of the following five categories: Best Customer Experience, Best Enterprise Solution, Best In-store Solution, Best Connected Retail Solution and Best AI and Robotics Application.

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