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21 sep 2022

Membership to future-proof retail solutions

As a provider of retail checkout solutions, we are announcing today that Pan Oston has joined NVIDIA Metropolis, a partner program focused on bringing a new generation of vision AI applications to market. NVIDIA Metropolis has a rich ecosystem and provides powerful developer tools to supercharge vision AI applications. It is designed to make the world's most important environments and operations safer and more efficient.

“Computer vision and AI technology have made huge strides in the Retail landscape in recent years. We see many opportunities for our customers to use these state-of-the-art solutions,” said Corné van Braak, Head of Innovation & Design at Pan Oston.

Rapid changes in the retail industry have led many retailers to experiment with AI-based seamless shopping technology in recent years. The shift to convenience stores and in-store efficiency is driving the adoption of technology in retail. In addition, a shortage of personnel is a daily challenge. The operationalization of new technologies such as computer vision counteracts this shortage of staff and ensures that the shopping process continues to run smoothly.

AI technology can also reduce the shrink rate at self-checkout areas by monitoring customer actions during the checkout process and helping customers purchase barcode-free items such as fruits, vegetables and bread. This gives retailers a more secure checkout process with higher throughput while customers experience a flawless shopping experience.

NVIDIA Metropolis makes it easier and more cost-effective for businesses, governments and integration partners to use world-class AI solutions to improve critical operational efficiencies and security concerns. The NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem includes a large and growing number of members who invest in the most advanced AI techniques and efficient deployment platforms, as well as approaching enterprise-level solutions. Members can get early access to NVIDIA platform updates to further improve and accelerate the development of their AI applications. Furthermore, the program offers members the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

“While most solution providers provide software, we are the specialist that integrates AI into a physical solution. Joining NVIDIA Metropolis gives us access to a broad network of AI solution providers that focus on the retail market. we get more in-depth knowledge of AI development.”, says Bas Jan Dikken, IT Innovation Specialist at Pan Oston.

During EuroCIS 2022, Pan Oston presented how AI technology can accelerate the checkout process using product recognition with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated edge AI technologies. In addition, Pan Oston is also involved in the implementation of various solutions for SCO security and seamless shopping at major European retailers.

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