The SLIM Balance is a self-checkout that fits all modern customer demands within the retail landscape. It is carefully designed to improve the self-checkout process. Supporting traditional self-checkout for customers discovering self-service or enriching the shopping experience with smart solutions like security scales and computer vision purchasing, the SLIM Balance is truly the best of both worlds.
0 Red Dot Award SLIM Balance is winner of the International 'Red Dot Award' design prize in 2023
0+ Configurations SLIM Balance offers a multitude of configuration options
0.62 m2 Footprint
/ Ready for the future
Cash management integration

Ready for the future

The SLIM Balance self-checkout offers you all the features that a state-of-the-art self-checkout system for a modern retail environment needs. Optimised to provide your customers with an optimal self-checkout experience and to provide you as a retailer with a reliable, secure and future-proof self-checkout solution.
Bi-optic scanner
/ The right balance between traditional & modern

Traditional self-checkout, created for the future

The SLIM Balance self-checkout is a state-of-the-art self-checkout system designed for modern retail environments. It features a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly into any store, while offering customers a fast, efficient, and user-friendly checkout experience.


The SLIM Balance can be used to either configure a slender and futuristic self-checkout or a traditional, sturdy-looking self-checkout while maintaining the same recognizable aesthetic. Using a core consisting of a bi-optic scanner housing with a curved worktop, which enhances the product's self-scanning performance and functions as a recognizable design characteristic, the SLIM Balance offers a modular design for independent hardware integration. Many product configurations are possible without changing the core design and function of the checkout, making integration or changing parts of the unit fast and easy.


Some additional features are already integrated into the SLIM Balance, such as a front and top-mounted camera for AI-theft prevention, security scales, cash management and LED signage, making the SLIM Balance a very versatile self-checkout that can cover everything from standard self-scanning with cash payment to AI theft prevention in a fully automated self-checkout experience.

/ Model



The SLIM Balance Large is the powerhouse when it comes to self-checkout. Its moderate size packs everything from traditional checkout solutions with cash management to modern security vision technology to make the self-checkout process smooth and secure. • Traditional style self-checkout • Pay by cash with integrated cash management • Security scales to help reduce fraud • Suitable for larger basket sizes

SLIM Balance


Save space without compromising on function with the SLIM Balance Small. This intuitive self-checkout is designed for a modern cashless checkout process. By combining a big Retail grade scanner with the newest technologies, your store will be ready for all future customers. • Kiosk style self-checkout • Cashless payment • Top-mounted camera for fraud detection • Suitable for quick, convenient shoppers
/ Hardware specifications

Maximum flexibility

The SLIM Balance is designed to ensure a secure and fast checkout-process for your customers and business. Its efficient space-saving design offers flexibility to integrate all necessary hard- and software, making it suitable for every front-end in a retail environment.

Smart hardware integration+

Prevent problematic hardware integration. As a hardware-independent modular solution, SLIM Balance was designed taking into account the most common hardware including PCs, scanners, pin terminals and receipt printers on the market.


Reduce shrinkage with enhanced self-checkout security features like security scales, clear LED communication and top-mounted cameras that support computer vision for AI anti-theft solutions.


Increase self-checkout speed with the SLIM Balance in your store. With a double bi-optic scanner, your customers scan products at the rate of a cashier. On top of that, machine vision can assist with the fruit and vegetable purchasing process, removing the tedious process of selecting non-barcode articles.

Flexible hardware options

Hardware independent design accommodates the most commonly used hardware

Top-mount camera

Fraud detection camera mounted in the checkout flag

Bi-optic scanner

Bi-optic scanner for enhanced scanning performance, suitable for high-volume scanning

Item detection camera

Item detection camera under the touchscreen to monitor the scanning area

Security scales

Fraud detection security scales, the load cells integrate into the packing platform

Cash Management

Integration of cash management system on SLIM Balance Large


LED checkout number and lighting to indicate SCO status
/ SLIM Balance in the picture
Red Dot 2023

Winner of a Red Dot Award 2023

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2023 in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Award is one of the most sought after design awards in the world, recognizing exceptional product design and innovation. “We are honored to receive this recognition from the Red Dot Award,” said Corné van Braak, Chief Innovation Office at Pan Oston. "At Pan Oston, we are always challenging ourselves to create self-checkout systems that not only meet the needs of retailers, but also improve the shopping experience for customers. This award is a testament to our hard work and dedication."
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