Scan-as-you-shop (SAYS) has become increasingly popular in recent years. To enable your customers to shop with a hand scanner, the SLIM Cradle Wall completes the flexible SLIM family. At this distribution wall, customers can pick up or hand in a hand scanner to scan all products while shopping, after which they can pay quickly and easily at an SCO or Express SCO.
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0% Usage 58% of customers say they would use SAYS during their shopping trip
0 Cradles Cradles for hand-held scanners installed in our SLIM Cradle Walls throughout Europe
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Modular and flexible

Offer your customers an attractive modular distribution wall for handheld scanners that can be put together in various configurations. Various finishing options ensure that the SLIM Cradle Wall fits seamlessly into your shop concept and corporate identity.
Screen modules
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SLIM Cradle Wall 335

SLIM Cradle Wall 335

This is the smallest cradle wall of the SLIM family. Because of its small footprint of 335 x 295 mm, this cradle wall holds 18 scanners and can be used for both intake and distribution walls.

SLIM Cradle Wall 650

SLIM Cradle Wall 650

For a cradle wall with extended space for cradles, there is the SLIM cradle wall 650, which holds 36 scanners.
SLIM Cradle Wall 335
SLIM Cradle Wall 650
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Modular & flexible

The SLIM Cradle Wall is available in two standard sizes that can be combined in different configurations.


The SLIM Cradle Wall is available as a left-hinged or right-hinged version

Square or rounded shape+

The SLIM Cradle Wall offers a choice between square or round-shaped panels, depending on the store concept and other products from the SLIM family.

Plinth or baseplate+

The SLIM Cradle Wall can be used without a base when bolted to the floor. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a plinth or on a base plate, in which case it does not need to be bolted down.

Power pole

Power pole for power supplied from the ceiling

Display modules

Various ways of integrating of customer-specific displays

Custom finishes

Full range of custom finishes in powder coat, sublimation or wrapping
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