Blue fire

Changing market conditions require innovative solutions. With the interactive BLUE FIRE kiosks you will be ready for the future. Due to the subtle and timeless designs, the BLUE FIRE kiosks is suitable for a variety of situations. Whether it's gaming & betting, hospitality, retail or restaurant use, the BLUE FIRE kiosks offer a solution for you.

Functional & Stylish

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication**Leonardo Da Vinci

Design & Branding

The with a Red Dot Award rewarded BLUE FIRE can improve individual customer interaction, service, binding and even sales. Thanks to the unique design, your self-service point always attracts attention and improves the customer experience. In addition, our kiosks can be adapted to your branding by applying corporate identity colors or wrapping images and advertising on the body of the kiosk.

Easy service

When developing the BLUE FIRE kiosk line, the emphasis was on service-friendliness. Never before has it been so easy to replace the components or perform service at a kiosk. Smart design makes almost all components accessible via the front of the kiosks. This allows service technicians to quickly access the operating system or other crucial parts for maintenance work.

At home in every market

The BLUE FIRE kiosk line is designed in such a way that any basic configuration can be adapted with ease to the function of the end user. The smart and modular integration of hardware and software makes it possible to give your customers a unique user experience in every situation. And thanks to its unique design, the BLUE FIRE kiosk is perfect for integration in Omni channel at any organization. Regardless of it being a restaurant, information point, registration or payment terminal, there is a BLUE FIRE suitable for every situation.

members of the family

Blue fire compact

The BLUE FIRE Compact is the entry-level model of the award-winning BLUE FIRE Family. This efficient kiosk has an even smaller footprint than its larger brother, the BLUE FIRE Prime, and is suitable as a self-order kiosk, information kiosk, webshop, registration or payment column.

The interaction surfaces of the BLUE FIRE Compact are also intuitive and ergonomically positioned. As for the hardware the smaller Compact is just as versatile as the Prime and can be equipped with various hardware components according to functional requirements that fit the user.

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Blue fire Prime

Discover the BLUE FIRE Prime Kiosk, an interactive kiosk that is powerful in its simplicity and functional in its design. The basic configuration can be adjusted to fit the needs of nearly every market segment. By applying smart seamlessly integrated hardware and software components, you offer your customers a unique user experience. This unique and fresh design fits perfectly in your Omni channel organization and is the ideal solution for self-service.

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Blue fire fast order

The BLUE FIRE Fast Order is specially designed as order kiosk for self-service restaurants. The Fast Order is the perfect way to speed up any interactive processes with your customer in an intuitive way. By combining the right hardware and software components you can offer your customers a unique experience when ordering their menu.

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Designed as a table top kiosk, with minimal footprint, the BLUE FIRE Micro is ideal as a self-order, pre-order, pickup, ticketing, registration kiosk or self-payment terminal for restaurants, stores and businesses.

Despite its small size, it is as flexible as it gets. The three different models can be equipped with various hardware components, depending on the functional requirements for your business.

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