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Consumers decide later and faster where, when and what they eat. The growth in the number of single and double-person households and the desire for more convenience mean that the traditional supermarket range is no longer adequate to serve all customers. As a result, strong growth in City Store formulas in the Retail Landscape has happened in recent years.

The same applies to the Coop Vandaag, with which Coop responds to the changing patterns of society. In addition to daily shopping, customers can get many quick snacks and take-away meals from these centrally located stores. The shopping experience is paramount, that is why in a Coop Vandaag you can often find a coffee corner, where you can enjoy your purchased goods directly. This means the focus from evening meal has shifted and now includes all eat moments in a day such as breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Because COOP Vandaag is a concept that focuses on (fast) eating moments and experience, the shop layout also deviates from a regular supermarket. To make sure that a fitting solution was found for the checkout zone Pan Oston helped with the design and delivered of a trendy counter solution and self-service solution.

The Self-scan solution (SCO) requires less floor space and offers customers a Hybrid Customer Journey, with freedom of payment choice. In addition, it is important that all furniture would fully fit into the new look & feel of COOP Vandaag.
Counter & SCO COOP Vandaag Counter & SCO COOP Vandaag
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