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Digital Reception

Digital Reception powered by BLUE FIRE

When visitors come to your office it is not just about hospitality, but also about the experience of your guest. During every visit you want to offer your visitors the best possible experience. The BLUE FIRE kiosk will help you to achieve this.

Pan Oston would not be the innovative party if we did not take the test to our own office. And that is exactly what we did. In our new headquarters we have installed a digital reception for our own visitors. This self-developed digital reception that runs on a BLUE FIRE Fast Order welcomes our visitors in a smooth and easy way.

Offering good hospitality using our digital reception is built on simplicity. Upon arrival, business associates only have to scan a QR code, that they received in an email before, at the digital BLUE your contact is made aware of your arrival and you are asked to sit down in our coffee corner and enjoy a cup of cofee. There he or she can wait in a relaxed manner for their contact to pick them up.

At the same time, an internal telephone call is made to the relevant contact person within the company. After picking up the phone this person will be notified that his appointment has arrived.

This way the BLUE FIRE kiosk does not only provides convenience for your appointments, but also for your staff. When inviting relations, they immediately get notified in a contemporary way when they have arrived, without the intervention of an extra reception. In the case of Pan Oston, this is a huge profit, as staff can continue their work without much interruption.

Are you curious about what a BLUE FIRE digital reception can mean for your hospitality? We are happy to show you what the options are. Contact us, make an appointment and visit our Digital Reception live in our showroom at Hertzstraat.
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