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SPAR university is perhaps one of the most innovative companies in the Dutch food retail world when it comes to introducing new concepts. The student supermarket concept that focuses on campuses at the larger universities has grown from just a few shops up to nine shops in six different cities the last years. Pan Oston is proud that it can contribute to this 'Grab & Go' success formula by developing and delivering self-service solutions.

The creation of SPAR University in itself can be called unique. Founders Erwin Binneveld and Mirjam Bestebreurtje said goodbye to the regular retail market in 2013 and in August the first SPAR university opened its doors at the University of Amsterdam. Rotterdam followed in January and in the meantime shops in Utrecht, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Delft have been added.

As a 'disrupter' in the market, SPAR University is making great strides when it comes to innovation. The 'Grab & Go' formula is geared to a student's lifestyle, while keeping the social environment in mind like, meanwhile living quality and technical developments are also taken into account.

"Believing in something and standing by it is very important," Erwin Binneveld told us. "For us, that means providing healthy and sustainable food in the student's hectic and disorganized life."

Finding a connection with the wishes of the target group is therefore crucial. With the help of "Campus Talks", which are held with students four to eight times a year, SPAR University is able to strike the right chord. The result is that SPAR university's shops are just as changeable as the students that do their groceries there. An example of this is the addition of a special "Super Healthy Section". Because many students are millennials or Gen Z payment methods focus on self-service and fast transactions, making Pan Oston's Self-Service counters a great solution for SPAR university.

"We make more radical choices than the regular supermarket due to the changeability of students."Erwin Binneveld.

In order to be able to switch quickly, suppliers must have the same flexibility as we do. This goes for the whole chain, including the store design. Pan Oston can deliver on this part and that is why the partnership SPAR university works. Thanks to the design team, concepts can be quickly converted from drawing board to production.

"Pan Oston is a fresh and modern company that really thinks along with the customer. Just like SPAR university they have a "no-nonsense" culture and just want to get things done." Erwin Binneveld about working with Pan Oston
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