Smart Display with Detail4Retail

Detail4Retail, Touchscreen Marketing and Pan Oston give franchise supermarkets the opportunity to digitize their stores and interact with their consumers. Currently, consumers will find the traditional promotion in stores with a cardboard display, a product in it and a great offer to trigger them in buying it. However, Detail4Retail is setting the new benchmark with an interactive screen in combination with a smart display from Proteus.

Together with Touchscreen Marketing, which is a specialist in interaction with consumers via a touchscreen on the shop floor, this provides a completely new store experience.

Not just giving away a discount, but giving consumers the feeling that they have actually won something. That is the goal! And for this various gamification techniques are used, that continue to change throughout the year to keep things fresh. Every store visit the consumer will be tempted to visit the display again to check out what they can experience this time.

The use of this technique has in several cases led to an increase in sales of more than 15%. In addition, more than 80% of consumers indicated that they would like to see such campaigns in supermarkets more often. This concept will bring fun back to the store, increase sales and a will give costumers a distinctive shopping experience they just have to check out.

The BLUE FIRE kiosks by Pan Oston have been chosen by Touchscreen Marketing as the carrier for this unique concept. As a specialist in the field of payment, transaction and information systems, Pan Oston has a lot of experience with integrating kiosk into a retail environment. Due to this a lot of information can be gathered.

And that there is a lot of data that can be read from the kiosk and the display usage is a fact. As an example: a Proteus display returns information about usage and so can a touchscreen. Because of this, it is possible to measure which products have been removed from the display, at what position they were placed and much more.

Never before has it been possible to get this kind of valuable information back from a display. But now it is and it can come to your store too.

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